For those of you who follow Agape Beauty blog posts, we’re introducing a new series.  This one is going to be a product review series done by Dawn Sievers, who is the lady who handles a lot of the marketing and social media posting for our company.  Dawn has a strong background in cosmetics and skincare products, so her product reviews will cover many important details to consider when you’re choosing which of our products to purchase.

Product Review:  Fat Blaster Dead Sea Salt Scrub

Hi everyone!  I’m thrilled to be able to create this fun new series of product reviews of all Agape Beauty skincare products.  I’m fortunate to be what you might call a “Beta Tester” for Sheen Perkins McKeever’s wonderful product line, and I continue to be impressed with each new product she creates.

This week’s review is going to talk about Agape Beauty’ Fat Blaster Dead Sea Salt Scrub.  I received this product about ten days ago and have been using it 2 – 3 times a week in the shower.  First, there are two different versions of this product.  The Original Fat Blaster Dead Sea Salt Scrub was created by Sheen to give more than just simple exfoliating benefits.  The Original Fat Blaster formula was designed to help diminish the visible signs of cellulite, as well as to deliver vital nutrients that help to strengthen the cellular structure of the skin.  If you click on the formula link, you’ll be able to read all the incredible benefits that each ingredient delivers.  Combined and used regularly, 2 – 3 times a week, your skin will experience visible improvement in texture and tone.  For optimal results, our products should be used daily. Essential oils alter cellular health. These newly altered, healthy cells will begin to reproduce and with continued use of our products, your body will quickly revitalize itself by producing vibrant and strong cells, while the old, unhealthy cells leave the body. Continued daily use of our products is the key to vigorous health that starts from the inside. Please refer to Why Our Products Work for more information.

The second formula, Ultra Fat Blaster Dead Sea Salt Scrub, was created to address those who are following the HCG Weight Loss Protocol, and does not contain honey in the formula to interfere with the stringent guidelines of that weight loss protocol.

Second, what has my experience been?  I have the Original Fat Blaster formula.  It is highly concentrated and can be used in the shower or bathtub.  When you receive your Fat Blaster Dead Sea Salt Scrub, you may notice that the oils have separated and are at the surface of the container.  I simply recap the jar and give it a good shake, or I use a plastic spoon to stir the ingredients.  This separating and settling process is normal for most of the Agape Beauty body scrubs, as they contain a high amount of pure, essential oils, and does not indicate any defect to the formula. 

I’m a shower person, and what I have found works best for me is to use it first, before finishing up my cleansing routine.  I use a quarter sized dollop of the scrub on each thigh, and also on my stomach and hips.  I use it like any other scrub, rubbing in and taking advantage of the exfoliating effects.  I then leave the scrub on my skin while I shampoo and condition my hair.  Then I follow with my preferred bodywash.  You might think that this would wash away  and negate the positive effects of the body scrub, but that’s not the case.  Sheen has formulated these scrubs with Almond Oil as the base carrier oil, along with all of the other highly concentrated essential oils.  Allowing the scrub 3 – 5 minutes to absorb into the skin is all that is necessary to reap incredible benefits.  Following up with your preferred body wash does not strip away the moisturizing benefits of the scrub.  I find that even after bathing the scrub away, my skin retains the moisturizing effects – so much so that even I was surprised! 

My skin is smooth, silky and glowing after each application of the Fat Blaster Dead Sea Salt Scrub.  What I can share with you is that many of Sheen’s customers have reported a reduction in their own personal body measurements after regular use of the Fat Blaster Dead Sea Salt scrub.  These are unsolicited testimonials and can be read here.

I am confident that with continued use of Agape Beauty Fat Blaster Dead Sea Salt Scrub, I will continue to see improvements in the tone and texture of my skin.  If I find that I’m losing inches as well as experiencing an improvement in the signs of cellulite, I can promise that I’ll post right here!  Sheen is a Master Essential Oil Blender and she creates the Agape Beauty Skincare Products to deliver the most optimum benefits and results to her customers.  The Fat Blaster Scrubs were formulated to reduce congestion, to break down fatty deposits in the epidermis, deliver vital nutrients to the cell walls, thus strengthening at a physiological level and allowing your skin to retain elasticity.  The formulation of these scrubs also help to address inflammation and contain powerful antioxidents that help to reverse the aging effects of free radicals that attack our skin daily. 

I look forward to writing more Agape Beauty Skincare Product Reviews and sharing my experiences with you!  ~ Dawn


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