BioMagnetic Pair Therapy (BMP)™

* Allergies * Anemia * Asthma * Sinusitis * Lyme disease * Acne * Psoriasis * Migraines * HIV * Aids * Arrhythmia * Diabetes * Flu * Chronic Fatigue * Herpes * Fibromyalgia * Alzheimer’s * Carpal Tunnel * Chronic Pain * Sciatica * Gastritis * Reflux * Ulcerative colitis * Crohn’s disease * Cancer * Back Pain * Arthritis * Rheumatism * Varicose Veins * Poor Circulation * Digestive Disorders * Pulmonary Disorders * Skin Disorders * Fungus * Parasites * PMS * Menopause and PMS Symptoms * Glandular Dysfunctions * Adrenal Fatigue * Stress * Heartburn * Parkinson’s * High Cholesterol * Impotency * Hepatitis * Sexual disorders * Infertility * Low Libido * Meningitis * Tendonitis * Tennis Elbow * pH Unbalance * Ulcers * Depression * Anxiety * Emotional Issues * Autism * Attention Deficit Disorder * Energetic Unbalances * and many others….

Corrects pH Imbalances

By reestablishing the natural pH of the body, different microorganisms can be kept under control by our natural defenses and immune system.

Application of Magnets

Special high field strength magnets are placed, in-person or remotely using a proxy, over very specific areas of the body to support regulation of pH which helps the body create homeostasis that is necessary for the body to heal itself.

What to Expect

Either in-person, or from a distance, Sheen will assess the pH levels of your body to detect imbalances and apply magnets in those areas for a specific number of minutes that is determined by your body.

Who Can Have a BioMagnetism Session?


How Many Sessions?

3 scans are recommended with 5 - 10 days in between sessions.

Some people with chronic diseases - degenerative, autoimmune, tumorous or with an advanced state of deterioration and convalescence may require several sessions.

If you cannot come within that time, it is recommended that you schedule another session as soon as possible.

If you are healthy, it is recommended to have a scan every 3 to 4 months.

Any Adverse Effects?

Clients can have a small healing crises after a scan, which is rare. Within a period of 24 to 48 hours after a session, the symptoms of a detoxification process can be:

Increased urine output
increased body temperature
Muscle pain
Joint pain
Loss of appetite

What to Expect

Either in-person, or from a distance, I will assess the pH levels of your body to detect imbalances and apply magnets in those areas for a specific number of minutes that is determined by your body.

Who Can Have a BioMagnetism Session?


  1. Biomagnetism therapy is a diagnostic and therapeutic procedure.
  2. The positive biomagnetic pole is formed by hydrogen ions (H+) and the presence of pathogenic viruses.
  3. The negative biomagnetic pole is formed by free radicals and pathogenic bacteria.
  4. The magnetic poles are in vibrational and energetic resonance.
  5. The biomagnetic poles are depolarized by the magnetic induction of fields greater than 1000 Gauss.
  6. Biomagnetic induction is instantaneous but the charge is exhausted in seconds
  7. The ideal magnetic fields for the clinical level of induction are between 5,000 and 20,000 core Gauss.
  8. When the biomagnetic poles are impacted, the pathogenic viruses lose their genetic information, and the bacteria its favorable alkaline environment for its metabolism and reproduction.
  9. Theoretically, it only requires one impact to eradicate a biomagnetic pair, and it does not reactivate.
  10. At the Normal Energetic Level (NEL), pathogenic microorganisms cannot survive, but their metabolites (toxins) may continue to circulate (Ex: Clostridium tetani and tetanus toxins (Tetanospasmin and tetanolysin).

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Sheen will be assisting your body in creating wholeness via the quantum energy field of healing.
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$150 for single session.
$400 for recommended series of three sessions.




“I believe in challenging the status quo that blindly follows allopathic medicine and the mainstream media. The way I do this is by reminding my clients that they are Infinite Beings that have come here to experience this Universe of Contrasting Expressions and, therefore, nothing they have ever done is wrong. I also teach them how to use alternative tools for increasing their natural state of well-being and energetic processes that are powerfully effective and easy to use. I just happen to package myself as a “health coach”. 

Being healthy and happy hasn’t always been my daily state. About 10 years ago I contracted a debilitating and mysterious illness that led me to many doctors that all ended in frustration when I was told that the utter exhaustion and intense brain fog I was experiencing was just in my imagination. 

Finally, I was introduced to an incredibly open-minded and highly-accredited physician, Dr. David Edwardswho had created his own alternative medicine practice. Within moments, he discovered that I had Epstein Barr. After a few weeks of using his holistic methods of healing, I was measurably healthier and regained my brain and my life! From that moment on, I was a believer in natural medicine. 

This was the beginning of a phenomenal journey of healing that ultimately led me to study many healing modalities (see below) and to work with the top Essential Oil company in the world. 

Energy clearing and Essential Oils have profoundly improved the level of health my body experiences. I feel exceedingly fortunate that I get to contribute to the lives of others by sharing the tools that I know so well with others. The joy I experience when I see the light turn on for others and then hear their stories soon after, provide a level of satisfaction that is immeasurable. 

I’m so grateful to all of the medical advances that have been made and to all of the medically- trained people on our planet. They serve such an important role in emergency care.” 

Sheen is a Certified Health Coach who was trained by the Institute of Integrative Nutrition of New York (IIN) and is a Certified Facilitator for Soul Link®, Awareness in Consciousness® and Restoration®. She is also a Certified Chakra & Relationship Closure Facilitatorand Shaman. Additionally she is an essential oil specialist, author, educator, and public speaker. She has studied a variety of healing techniques that she also uses with her clients. 

Sheen is an avid seeker of her truth and she enjoys sharing what she has learned along the way with others. She has facilitated thousands of clients into choosing greater joy, health and wealth in all areas of their lives.

Sheen has two primary targets. The first is to help others remember that they are Infinite Beings and already know how to heal themselves. The second is to help raise the vibration of the planet by laughing often, eating fresh, whole foods, doing energetic clearing work on a daily basis and incorporating Certified Pure Therapeutic Grade™ essential oilsinto your daily routine she believes that you too will be helping change what isn't working on our planet.

You ARE inner peace, harmony, acceptance & love...

Our guests will be guiding you on an awareness journey to assist you in re-membering your wholeness. Nothing you require, for your evolutionary experience, is outside of you.

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