Unless you were raised in a monastery high atop the Himalayas, it is highly probable that you have toxic stress within your body that you want to remove. Toxins come from various sources; vaccines, medications, chemicals we breathe in, eat and use, processed foods, cosmetics, body care products, water, car fumes, stress, etc. You get the picture, right? In this day and age it is nearly impossible not to be exposed on some level to something that isn’t naturally healthy for your body.

Our bodies are so beautiful. They are innately intelligent and know exactly how to deal with everything we do to it or expose it to. When it absorbs toxins it knows to keep those poisons away from our vital organs so it tucks them away in our adipose tissue (fat cells) until we provide the extra support it needs to flush them out. Providing certain natural compounds to our body is like giving it a cellular signal that it is time to release its toxic load. Detoxification, however, must be done properly in order to a Herxheimer reaction (the dying off of bacteria faster than the body can remove it thus causing flu-like symptoms) and therefore should be done daily. According to Dr. David Hill, “We are much better off taking a daily approach, and being supportive, to the cleansing organs that are designed to detoxify our bodies.”

As a holistic nutrition expert  and the developer of organic, nutritional skin care that is pure enough to eat, my focus is always on the importance of what we put in and on our bodies. Your body truly is your temple and you’ve only been blessed with one in this lifetime so worship it. Why make it work so hard to rid itself of junk in the first place? For those toxins that are unavoidable in the modern world though, additional steps should be taken. I’ve created the Fat Blaster Body Wrap Cream that really works. Since you now understand the function of those beautiful fat cells, you know that not only will you be reducing inches by helping the body to release toxins, you’re also going to start feeling better! The Fat Blaster Body Wrap Cream is very potent for its detoxifying benefits yet it gentle enough to be used as daily support. As always, all of Agape Beauty products are made of ingredients that are pure enough to eat, organic and created to provide the most purely potent product on the market. Not only will you be losing inches (I lost 9.5 inches overall in my first three sessions!), but you actually are introducing very powerful detoxifying agents into the body in the form of  Beyond Pure Therapuetic Grade essential oils.

Using the wrap is simple and one of the best parts is that you can do this at home and save a fortune! The average spa price for one body wrap treatment is $100. PLUS, if you have a little extra fat around your face and neck, our product is safe for those areas too!

To prepare for your body wrap you should exfoliate your skin using a dry brushing technique or in a warm shower using Agape Beauty salt scrub or sugar scrub to remove the dead skin and open your pores.

For complete and easy instructions on wrapping your luscious body and saying goodbye to old toxins, please select this link.


  • “I’ve been using the Fat Blaster body wrap on my clients at Namaste Spa with excellent results and what a wonderful, aromatic spa experience!”

-Dr. Karen Harum

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