You may have noticed that all of the mind-chatter a.k.a., “Monkey Mind” is a constant distraction from our inner awareness/knowing. You may actually believe that all of this mental noise belongs to you. What if you are a super-psychic Sponge Bob and 98% of what is going on in your head isn’t even yours?

Have you tried meditating and the mental chatter starts to get even more present? What if there is a simple tool you could use to quiet or even rid yourself of the constant mind chatter? Imagine having a quiet mind and tapping into your true knowing…which is that space of being of who you truly be. What if it was just a matter of asking a question?

  • Try asking yourself this question, “Who does this belong to?”, for three days in a row for every thought, feeling, emotion and everything that you sense in your body. You will probably notice a lightness and expansiveness after asking the question.
  • Next, say (to yourself or aloud if you’d like to freak others out!), “Return to sender with consciousness”.

It may not be real easy at first, however, after the third day you will be doing it more often and you will ultimately realize that none of the noise was yours!

You will start to become a walking, talking meditation. How does it get any better than that?!

Dr. Dain Heer, co-found of Access Consciousness®, has a great video to explain this tranformational tool! Go HERE to watch.

This is just one of the tools that is taught by Access Consciousness®. There are many more tools and a lot of books that can help you to get to the knowing of who you truly are.