We discussed in past blog posts that the essential oils we use in Agape Beauty Skincare Products are the most pure essential oils on the market.  We want to talk about what this means from both a holistic and therapeutic perspective.  To give you a layman’s explanation of how and why essential oils produce beneficial effects, read the following:

An essential oil placed anywhere on the body is transdermal (i.e., a route of administration wherein active ingredients are delivered across the skin for systemic distribution) and can reach every part of your body within minutes. Essential oils are composed of tiny molecules that are small enough to penetrate the blood brain barrier, which to you means that using them actually produces healing benefits that many modern-day pharmaceuticals cannot. The human body contains 100 trillion cells. One drop of essential oil contains approximately 40 million-trillion molecules. That’s enough to cover ever cell in our body with 40,000 molecules. It only takes one molecule of the right kind to open a receptor site for healing and alter cellular function.

David Stewart, Ph.D.,R.A.

Most people are familiar with transdermal skin patches for a myriad of medical applications, such as prescription patches to stop smoking, birth control patches, motion sickness relief, etc.  Now that you have the basic concept of transdermal delivery in mind, it is much easier to understand why our beyond therapeutic grade essential oils work so efficiently in our Agape Beauty Skincare Products.  The immediate absorption of these oils and their beneficial elements begin to work instantly within your system, producing optimum and long-term effects.  With regular use, your body will experience these vital nutrients and holistic benefits as Nature intended all along.


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