Did you know that aloe vera juice is one of the most nutrition-packed and biologically-alive liquids on the entire planet? Hardly any natural plant can beat its many benefits to your body.

Aloe contains more than 130 biologically active compounds and 34 amino acids that act synergistically and create an awesome force for your health. Further, its average pH is a “balancing” 4.55.

It is truly a wondrous ‘gold mine’ of phyto-nutrients

Aloe vera is a desert plant that’s been treasured for centuries for its ability to enhance health. Records show that Cleopatra used it to protect her skin from the sun and stay young-looking, too.

Now you can do the same, and receive all these benefits:

  • Soothing. Aloe vera enhances fibroblast function. Fibroblasts are remarkable little cells responsible for collagen formation. They also assist in the soothing of minor burns, cuts, scrapes and skin irritations.
  • Immune support and function. Aloe vera provides natural support for your immune system. Since your skin is the first exterior line of defense and your immune system works around the clock protecting you, aloe vera’s natural immune enhancers give you an arsenal from which to draw.
  • Helps produce collagen and elastin. Your skin replenishes itself every 21 to 28 days. Aloe vera adds a rich supply of building materials to produce and maintain healthy skin to support a youthful appearance! A daily dose of aloe vera could be just what your skin is thirsting for.
  • Minerals. Minerals found in aloe vera include calcium, sodium, iron, potassium, chromium, magnesium, manganese, copper, and zinc. What a powerful storehouse! Since your skin absorbs anything you apply to it, using products with naturally occurring vitamins and minerals can contribute to your overall health.
  • Vitamins. Aloe vera includes vitamins A, B1, B2, B6, B12, C and E, folic acid and niacin. Your body simply cannot store some of these vitamins. Using aloe vera contributes to building your defense system against oxidative stress!
  • Amino acid body-building blocks. Amino acids are your body’s own building blocks. Eight are essential and cannot be produced by your body, but seven of those eight are found in the aloe plant. Aloe vera comes closer than any other known plant to the duplication of essential amino acids.

Aloe Vera has recently been added to our Blissful Body Creams and Lotions and our Fabulous Face Mousse, which adds to the many healing attributes our creams already contain. Try it now! Your body, mind and soul will thank you!