Stop Letting Failed Relationships Define Who You Are! In 60 Days or Less, You WILL DROP All Those Bags and Become That Empowered Person You Have Always Dreamed of Being!

We are going to dive deep. This program is only for those who are committed and capable of choosing to live a life of freedom.

One of the best parts of working with me do NOT tell me your past stories! I will advise you to not discuss the past as it re-imprints the dis-empowering memories.

Your sessions are content-free!

What Are Just Some of the Benefits of a Working with Me for 60 Days??

  • Back to the Future

    During our weekly calls, I will guide you through the process of changing your past so that your future shows up the way you intend!

  • Free Your Mind

    Your mind can only react based on information from your past. Liberate your mind by removing its previous references so that you can create from a clean slate!

  • Let Your Heart Choose

    Your heart was intended to be the vehicle for choice. I will assist you in realigning your mind with your heart once again.

Discover What Your Life Can TRULY Be Without the Fears of Your Past Limiting You!

Have you been aware of a painful memories that you know are subconsciously sabotaging your relationships with loved ones, health, happiness, and/or wealth?

Are you tired of struggling with the same scenarios that keep popping up in your life over and over again?

Has your ability for growth been hindered by a belief that you picked up from someone else?

With my guidance I can show you tools you can use in your daily life that are so powerful over 15,000 people have already been liberated from their painful memories!

At the completion of your 60-day Power Program, you’ll be able to look deeply into your own eyes and say, “I love you” and mean it…possibly for the first time in your life! When you love you with all of your heart, magic and miracles happen. You’ll wake up with a daily sense of purpose and renewed vigor to create your life!

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Over 15,000 people have already been liberated from debilitating memories by using the simple skills we teach.

I'm Committed & Capable of Changing My Life!

Are you aware that everything you've ever thought or experienced could be holding you back unconsciously?

Memories are energy containers and even the ones you do not think about have created a magnetic imprint in your reality. 

Releasing the emotional component of your painful memories allows you to experience real freedom, possibly for the first time in your life!

I can assist you by eliminating the painful memories and beliefs that keep you stuck in a loop of recreating the same types of situations over and over again!

Who I Am

Sheen, CHC

Sheen is a Shaman in training, a Certified Holistic Health Coach trained by the Institute of Integrative Nutrition of New York (IIN) and is a Certified Soul Link®, Awareness in Consciousness® and Restoration® Facilitator. She is also an essential oil expert, author, educator, and public speaker. She has studied a variety of healing techniques that she also uses with her clients.

Sheen is an avid seeker of her truth and she enjoys sharing what she has learned along the way with others. She has facilitated thousands of clients into choosing greater joy, health and wealth in all areas of their lives.

Book Your 60-Day Power Program Now and I'll Also Give You 30 Additional Days of Email Support for Any Questions You May Have About Your Sessions!

The Investment You'll Make in You For the 60-Day Power Program Filled with Transformation is Only $5,000!

I'm Committed & Capable of Changing My Life!

I will work with you  from the comfort of your matter where you live on the planet!

All I require is the ability to see each other so that I can ensure you're properly using the techniques.

Sit back, have a cup of your favorite beverage, and prepare to be amazed at how quickly these techniques will rock your world! 

Book Your 60-Day Power Package Now and I'll Also Give You 30 Additional Days of Email Support for Any Questions You May Have About Your Sessions!

Your investment for a 60-day Power Package is only $5,000!!

I'm Committed & Capable of Changing My Life!

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