As many of our loyal customers can attest, our Agape Beauty Frankincense Moisturizing Serums for both men and women are our most popular skin care products.  We do recognize that the wide world of skin care can be confusing at the best of times, so we decided to take a moment and offer some helpful information about serums, lotions and creams.

The most commonly asked question is: What is the difference between a serum and a lotion or cream moisturizer?

First and foremost, all moisturizers in the cosmetic and skincare industry are NOT created equal! There are reasons to use each formulation. Serums are the most effective delivery mechanism for moisturizing ingredients, simply because they are comprised of smaller molecular compounds.  What does this mean for you?  Serums, because of their smaller molecular structure, are better able to penetrate the layers of our skin – they penetrate more easily, and they penetrate more deeply.  A moisturizing lotion or cream has larger molecules, and is designed to penetrate only the topmost layers of the skin, depositing moisture there to seal and protect against surface drying.  Serums are designed to deliver and deposit nutrients into the deeper layers of the skin, thus, encouraging recovery and hydration at a cellular level.  Lotions and creams are designed to deposit and seal in hydration at that surface level.

So, going one step further, this knowledge underscores why Agape Beauty Frankincense and Sozo Moisturizing Serums are so effective for skin repair, maintenance, recovery and hydration!  Our serums are comprised of the most beneficial, Beyond Therapeutic Grade essential oils on the market. (see Agape Beauty article, Let’s Talk Transdermal Delivery! for more details on the effectiveness of our essential oils)  Our essential oils are capable of penetrating what is known as ‘the blood brain barrier’ of the body.  This means that our skincare products are absorbed instantly into your body, allowing the essential oils to drop down to that cellular level and effect those repairs, giving you optimum skincare benefits and results!

Our serums are so highly concentrated that you need only use a few drops, mixed with water, then applied to your face, hands, neck and decollete area to get the best benefits.  A great tip one of our customers offered in a testimonial is to take a wet washcloth and press to your face (or any area you wish to use the serum), saturating your skin with water. Repeat this a couple of times, getting your skin soft and dewy with water, then follow this step with your Frankincense Moisturizing Serum.  The serum will bond with the water pressed into your skin and take that moisture with it as it penetrates deeply into the skin layers.  The results are truly wonderful!  Your skin will feel incredibly soft and hydrated, and you’ll see a glow and brightness that will be lasting.  The benefits of our hand blended serums are cumulative – the more regularly you use these serums, the better your skin will look over time.

The next logical question is:  Do I need both serums and moisturizers?

The answer is, not necessarily.  It depends largely upon your age, your skin type, and general personal preference.  Extremely oily skin usually responds well to serums because they penetrate the skin quickly and do not leave an oily residue. Strictly speaking, a moisturizing serum is going to give optimum hydration, but we do realize that many with dry skin prefer to follow up with a cream.

Younger skin responds well to regular lotion and cream moisturizers because younger skin renews itself more quickly and efficiently.  Skin that is entering into what is considered “middle age”, or your mid-30s, doesn’t renew itself as efficiently as it did in younger years.  This is when you will begin to notice that your skincare products aren’t producing the same results as they used to.  You might see a lack of clarity, congestion, lack of brightness, uneven skin-tone and more.  At this point, we suggest you try a moisturizing serum and see how your skin reacts!  Aging skin doesn’t process moisture, or skincare products, the same way that younger skin does.  Therefore, the incredible penetrating power of serums is even more important at this stage.  Give our Frankincense Moisturizing Serum a try – we think you’ll be pleasantly surprised, if not downright thrilled with the results